CUBASE 5 Heavyweight Audio Workstation

One of the reasons Cubase 5 has become the most used digital audio workstation in the world is because of it's comprehensive skill set one that's second to none.

"This is home studio recording heaven"... (Props Mag)

Cubase 5 has it covered like the tide, top to bottom side to side. It comes packed with tons of tools and ways to help you engineer professional sounding records. Now all home recording studio owners have a chance to compete with the so called giant studios. Thanks to digital technology and companies like Steinberg who help provide a level playing field. As music producers, musicians, and recording engineers it's our duty to support these software developers. Truth is without these guys there would be no home recording studios.

Steinberg doesn't need me as a pitch man. I'm just speaking on behalf of Cubase 5 because i own it, love it and understand the unlimited musical ideals that can be created using it. It's simple logic, if you want to produce a professional record inside your home studio, then you're going to have to power up. You're going to need a true digital audio workstation. One that's compatible with outside audio applications, midi and 64 bit vst platforms. Honestly speaking Cubase 5 does it all and then some. Steinberg continues to put out innovative industry standard products. It's no secret that any recording studio, home or professional can benefit greatly from using Cubase 5. Stay on the lookout for Cubase 5.5 which has new powerhouse features and toys and also comes free for registered Cubase 5 users. "Now we're bumping beats baby"