How To Get Your Home Studio Music onto Your Website

Many people ask me how to get their music onto their own personal music websites. Here are a few methods. There are three ways: 1. By direct html/java web programming; 2. By using an application that basically programs a music player for you; 3. By using a third party "widget."

2. Applications for Putting Music on your Website

Here is one option: http://musicplayer.sourceforge.net/ The big advantage is that it is free and lots of people use it, but it's a little tricky to setup. It plays more of a "playlist" which is cool. So it's more configurable and takes some time to setup but well worth it.

3. Third Party Widgets

There are many third party options out there for putting music on your own website. The process is simple: You sign-up and load your songs onto the third party website and then copy HTML code to paste into your own website. Here are two free options that are very easy to use: Reverb Nation http://www.reverbnation.com or Nimbit Free found here: http://www.nimbit.com/ . Nimbit has the added value of being able to sell your music through the widget as well. Instant ready made music store!